wu (kidskidskidss) wrote in hjsales,

DeLa Soul SB dunks low

So I bought these about 2 years ago from a skate shop here for a bit over $150. In the 2 years, I've worn them for maybe a total of 2 months. I have no clue how much I'd like for them but I don't like just seeing them sit in my closet when someone could be getting use out of them. I can clean them up before shipping. I guess offer some prices? These go for about $300 on ebay for brand new ones.. They're a size 8 mens and I no longer have the original box.

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do you think you want more or less than you paid for them? because those are pretty sweet and even though they'd be big i'd wear them
I don't think I'd be able to get them for more than I paid. I've posted them around for $100, but since no one's replied to those it makes me feel like asking that much is too much.. How much would you be willing to pay for them?